1. What are Twistie Tips?

Twistie Tips are a unique shoelace accessory that attach to the ends of your laces (on shoes, hoodies, athletic shorts, and more) quickly and easily. They are fun to collect and easy to interchange, making an exciting new way to personalize your outfit!

2. How do Twistie Tips work?

Twistie Tips' unique design allows them to attach to aglets (the ends of your lace) of many different sizes. Just insert the end of the lace into the opening of the Twistie Tip, twist clockwise a few times until secure, and you're done! To remove them, just untwist in the opposite direction and swap out for a new look at any time. It's that easy!

3. Will Twistie Tips fit on my laces?

We did our best to create a design that would fit almost any lace. However, it is inevitable that not all types of aglets will fit properly. Generally an aglet with a diameter greater than 4.20mm will be too large to insert into Twistie Tips. You can always re-lace your clothing with new laces (such as Kiwi brand) to fit your Twistie Tips better.

4. Will there ever be new shapes?

Yes! We plan to continuously expand our designs so you will always have new shapes to collect!

5. What are Twistie Tips made from? Are they safe?

Twistie Tips are made from food-grade PVC plastic and are 100% non-toxic according to ASTM International standards.

6. What if I accidentally put them in the washer and dryer?

Twistie Tips are designed to be durable. A trip through the washer or dryer should not damage the toy or your clothing. However, repeatedly subjecting Twistie Tips to these kinds of conditions may reduce the life of the toy and ultimately cause damage to the paint or the steel spring encased inside. We strongly recommend you remove Twistie Tips from your clothing prior to washing in order to avoid accidental damage to the toy, your clothing, or your appliances.